Alpha Post!

Welcome to my new blog about the connections between creativity, art, design, software engineering, and many other domains.

Wordle words

I spend my working life consulting in software engineering process, typically mentoring individuals, projects, and organizations in improving their “Way of Working”. I see a large and ever growing need in the software industry to bring the ‘Creatives’ and the ‘Developers’ together, but I mostly see them working in their own worlds with not a lot of appreciation of each others work. I am on a personal mission to bridge this gap (or at least nudge it in the right direction!).

I hope to use this blog to capture my thoughts in progress for integrating the creation of a good user experience into software development practices and I openly invite collaboration from the many talented people out there from the different communities.

I also hope to share some of the fun things I come across on the way. The first of which is Wordle which I used to make the funky “Word Cloud” above. Have a play!



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